Use leftovers and extra ingredients in new dishes. 

Keep track of leftovers
Move food that’s likely to spoil soon to the front of the shelf or a designated “eat this first” area each week. Get an “Eat This First” decal when you take the challenge. Fix it to a container as a reminder to your family to use up leftovers or other food that will go bad soon. You can also keep track of what is in your cupboard and freezer with the free Cozi app.

Get creative
Make casseroles, stews, smoothies and more from leftovers and extra ingredients. Get ideas for leftovers from Food Heroes. Create a list each week of foods that may spoil soon and plan upcoming meals around them. Plan to eat leftovers at least one night of the week.

Don’t be confused by date labels
Learn the difference between "sell-by," "use-by," "best-by" and other date labels. You can rely on your own senses and good judgment for food that has been stored properly 

Use your freezer
If leftovers are not going to be eaten in time, freeze them in a freezer-safe container for use later when you need a quick meal. OSU Extension has resources for how to freeze certain foods like spinach, potatoes, bread or other items that are still good but won’t be eaten in time.