Learn how to store and freeze your food to keep it at its best, longer. 

Store it…correctly
Did you know that you shouldn’t wash berries until you are ready to eat them, or that potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark place.

Learn how to store your favorite foods with the Food Storage Directory by Save The Food. 

Know your drawers
Most refrigerators have produce drawers with humidity settings. Get to know your settings and improve the lifespan of your fruits and vegetables. 

Keep it separated
Separate very ripe fruit, such as apples and bananas, from your other produce. As some fruits ripen, they give off a gas that causes other produce to ripen quickly and go bad. Check your fruit regularly and eat the ripest first. Try drying or freezing ripe fruit if you can’t eat it fast enough.  

Other tips
Food shelf life estimates are helpful. However, they are estimates so always use your best judgment. Get to know what date labels mean so you aren’t throwing food out too early.